New information in Noblesville plane crash

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. -- New information on Thursday’s small plane crash in Noblesville, Indiana, the two victims in the crash have been identified.

The two Purdue University Students, 21-year-old Joseph Neu-Zerling and 21-year-old Joshua DeBoer were killed in the crash.

The men were roommates studying mechanical engineering at the university.

Their plane crashed at the Noblesville Golf Course.

Police are still working with witnesses to piece things together.

Bruce Barnes, a lieutenant with the Noblesville Police Department said, “People observed something that they said was a bit out of the ordinary in terms of flight path of an airplane in terms of its elevation and stuff like that so that information’s critical.”

Investigators were back at the crash site on Friday and are still looking for clues on why their plane went down.

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