New mural coming to downtown Niles

NOW: New mural coming to downtown Niles

Niles is getting a splash of color from an internationally renowned artist.

Kelsey Montague is known for her murals which have drawn attention from a wide range of fans from wannabe Instagram influencers to Taylor Swift.

Her next creation is coming to downtown Niles.

A pair of painted wings spread across a building off the corner of Front St and Main is expected to be finished Thursday afternoon.

A non-profit made up of local business owners, Remarkable INC, is focused on projects to improve downtown Niles and commissioned the mural.

"I'm a sucker for a photo op," Remarkable INC president Melanie Kennedy said. "I love that people can just have a moment of fun any day, anytime."

Once finished, the mural will feature five hidden images inside the wings that are personal to the Niles community; including a Viking helmet for the Niles High School mascot, a bobcat paw-print for Brandywine High School, and an apple tree for the Niles Apple Festival.

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