New numbers show that Lake Michigan is among the deadliest of the great lakes

New numbers show that Lake Michigan is among the deadliest of the great lakes. Experts want to warn the community on how to stay safe  in the water this summer.

They say that because of its distinctive shape and constant change of water levels, there is potential for currents to move faster, which can sweep people away.

That’s why Berrien County officials are stepping in to educate the community.

 “We’ve got a good program with the lifeguards, water safety flags, we don’t let people swim when rip currents are around at this particular property,” said Brian Bailey, Director of the Berrien County Parks Department.

The United States Coast Guard had some tips to offer too.

“I don’t think a lot of people are prepared for the quick changes of weather that happens on Lake Michigan. The waves can turn up really quick. Those storms blow across the lake it can go from a good day to a bad day in the blink of an eye,” said Sam Vanlet from the U.S. Coast Guard.

They also want you to be extra cautious when young children are swimming.

“Parents may be with the young children, but they’re not paying attention to the children because of the cell phone, texting, communications that are happening electronically. So make sure if you’re the person in charge of those children watch those kids,” Bailey said.

The Berrien County Parks Department and the U.S. Coast Guard are currently working on programs to educate the community about these water conditions. 

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