New oil pipeline will pass through La Porte County

LA PORTE COUNTY, Ind.-- The sound of diesel trucks is something Diane Carpenter is used to, but construction projects on her property will be a new experience.

"They don't own the land, I still own the land, but they have permission to have access to it whenever they want," said Carpenter.

She lives in rural La Porte County, where a new oil pipeline is in the preliminary stages of being installed.

Enbridge Energy, the Canadian gas company behind the new line, is updating its technology for safety reasons.

"If it were the first pipeline through our property, I might've had pause, but knowing pipelines just do their things all by themselves, and don't cause any trouble, except for once in a while if they're going through your fences and stuff," said Carpenter.

The line will pass through 60 of her acres; part of which includes a tenant farmer's corn crops.

"It's a hassle when they're here, and it's a hassle for a couple of years when you can't grow corn the way you want to," said Carpenter.

She and the farmer are being compensated for their loss, but it's too early to tell what effects it will have on her property.

"There are some people fighting it, but it just didn't seem to be worth the effort," said Carpenter.

She said the company already leases part of her land, and would claim Eminent Domain if she didn't agree to their initial offer.

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