New owners, new opportunities for business at Centre West shopping center

NOW: New owners, new opportunities for business at Centre West shopping center

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - The pandemic caused many restaurants and other businesses to close down, but as states start to reopen, is now the right time to open up shop?

One ownership company is advertising cheap or even free rent for businesses willing to take a chance during this time.

“It’s a center we saw potential in, we got some national tenants there already, CVS, Little Caesars, Dollar Tree, and had those vacancies that we’re confident we can get tenants in," Will Hulshof said.

He's the Vice President of Brookwood Capital Advisors, a company based out of Tennessee, and the new owners of Centre West shopping center off Western Avenue in South Bend.

And despite the pandemic tightening wallets, they are advertising cheap or free rent for businesses wanting to open up shop.

“Hoping to get tenants in there and set them up for long-term success. That’s why we offer free rent and cheaper rent. The market definitely dictates the rent a lot of times," Hulshof said.

There were 3 spaces available, but the ad worked so well one lease has already been signed.

"We have had a lot of interest on all of the different vacancies in the center, one of which we decided to more forward with the tenants," he said.

Just one step forward to revitalizing this plaza.

Another business already on the lot, happy to hear the news.

“It would be nice, think it will bring a lot more business out here and it will just be nice to see everything looking a lot better, more aesthetically pleasing for everybody," Tristan Rupert, a Sales Associate at Metro by T-Mobile said.

Rupert said this area has mostly been an afterthought.

"The pavement and everything were supposed to be done out here but never did," he said.

Some tenants say in just one week they’ve already since a difference with the new owners.  Rupert said he hopes this will be a welcome sign of growth.

“I would definitely like a lot more restaurants out here," he said.

Hulshof said they want to replace at least one of the open spaces with a grocery store, but we will just have to see.

“We’re very grateful to do what we do and we love supporting local communities all across the country. Whenever we enter a market we give it our full and undivided attention and work the shopping center to not only get new tenants in there, some family businesses and local franchises in there but to support the rest of the center as well – increase the foot traffic there and provide a better experience for the customers and tenants of there as well," Hulshof said.

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