NFL Combine includes 16 new drills this year

NOW: NFL Combine includes 16 new drills this year

The annual NFL Combine is happening in Indianapolis through Sunday. What is the combine and how is it different this year? ABC57's Vahid Sadrzadeh found out.

All of the drills are intended to mimic in-game ACTION to give NFL team scouts a sense of what each player can do and how fast.

There will be 16 new drills

  • QB/Receivers: New end zone fade route
  • RB: Inside routes with change of direction
  • DB: Line, box and gauntlet drills
  • OL: Mirror and screen drills

10 Drills will be eliminated

  • Receivers: Toe tap drill
  • RB: Find the ball
  • DB: Pedal and hip turn
  • LB: Pass drop
  • The NFL draft in April is 7 rounds.

All 32 teams participate and some of the players at the combine will not be drafted - despite their workout.

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