Niles City Council discusses ban on marijuana shops

NOW: Niles City Council discusses ban on marijuana shops

NILES, Mich.—The Niles City Council discussed the controversial ban on future marijuana shops during Monday night’s meeting.

“There’s a possibility that all of us in the city or in the state of Michigan will be smelling marijuana,” said Sanya Vitale, Community Development Director and Zoning Administrator.

Last month, a divided council voted to outlaw recreational marijuana businesses from opening in the city of Niles, even though the legalization measure was approved by a wide margin by local voters.

In Monday’s meeting, the council discussed how to handle the issue moving forward, once the state approves legal weed sales.

“There’s always that nimby, right? I want it but not in my backyard. I don’t think they voted to say, ‘Let’s have a free for all,’” said Councilman Dan VandenHeede.

The council is now considering potential zoning rules to restrict the location of future marijuana businesses once the temporary one year ban comes to an end.

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