Niles community mourns death of longest serving foster parent

A community is in mourning as the oldest and longest serving foster grandparent passed away.

Sadie Moffitt died Wednesday.

Moffitt had opened her home and her heart for more than 18 years for the foster grandparent program.

"My mother... there was twelve of us and she's also been a foster grandparent, she just always had an interest in children. She just decided one day she wanted to volunteer because she was tired of sitting at home, and here we are 18 years later. Losing her has made a great impact on the city of Niles, especially the family and the school system here Niles community schools,” said one of her children.

Moffitt leaves behind 36 grandchildren, 90 great grandchildren and 12 great great grandchildren.

She was also a volunteer for the Niles school system.

People that knew her said she was a grandmother to the whole school system, not just the children in her classroom.

Memorial services will be held for Moffitt on Saturday at the mount Calvery Baptist Church.

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