Niles COVID survivor turns 100

NOW: Niles COVID survivor turns 100

NILES, Mich.--- A nursing home resident in Niles celebrated her 100th birthday after beating the Coronavirus and Pneumonia. Maragret Rohl celebrated her birthday with her family at West Woods of Niles Senior Facility.

Due to social distancing protocols in Michigan, Rohl's family was not able to come inside the facility, but they were able to see her from a window outside her building.

"I’m just so thankful she made 100," said Peggy Hopper, Rohl's granddaughter. "I just so wanted that for her, and we made it!"

Earlier this summer Rohl was one of 75 people at West Woods of Niles to test positive for the virus. 20 of those cases were fatal. 

Rohl battled the virus for three weeks, and after her recovery from COVID, she was diagnosed with pneumonia.

Rohl had to take on her illnesses without family being able to be in the same room with her.

"The doctor, probably a month ago, called me and said 'Your grandma’s going to make it through the virus, but I’m afraid she might die of a broken heart,'" said Hopper.

Hopper and the nurses at West Woods decided to come up with a campaign to lift Rohl's spirit. 

"She’s been receiving a lot of cards thanks to a note from her granddaughter putting out to send in as many cards as she can," said Megan Noll, West Woods' administrator. 

Rohl received dozens of cards from strangers to help her celebrate turning 100.

"I wanted her to feel special because she is special," said Hopper. "She’s a wonderful person and it’s been hard not being able to be with her."

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