Niles Salvation Army critically low on food supplies

NILES, Mich. -- The Niles Salvation Army’s food pantry is critically low on food supplies. The ramen noodles are nearly gone and fewer than 10 boxes of cereal are on the shelves.

“I have no back up, I have no overflow. I have no peace about this right now,” said Jan Nowak, Director of Caring Ministries.

The pantry provides families in crisis enough food for one week.

They’ve never had to turn anyone away, but will be out of food by next Wednesday.

“We’re providing so much pantry support to so many more people than we have in the past. And we’re not getting the influx of food to make it possible for us to meet that need,” Nowak said.

While they are proud to be 100-percent donation driven, they said those donations are slowing down.

“Our donations have dropped off. And the number of people asking for help has increased,” Nowak said.

That’s where local churches come in. Mapleview Free Methodist Church and other churches in Niles are going to step in and help.

“This is a very practical expression of just loving our neighbors, loving our community," said Pastor Greg Rensberry of Mapleview Free Methodist Church.

They are now collecting non perishable items that will be given to the food pantry.

The Salvation Army said they are relying on the public to help them continue to help others.

“Nobody has to do a lot but if everyone could do a little. It would make a huge difference,” Nowak said.

Sunday, July 27th at 6 p.m. Mapleview Free Methodist Church will hold a food drive. They are encouraging everyone to bring food by the church.

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