Niles Scream Park volunteers scare because they care

The Niles Scream Park in Southwest Michigan has been entertaining at their annual fright fest for over 40 years.

The festival is much more than a good scare, it’s doing a lot of good for the community.

Around 700 people work at the park for free to raise money for charity. They scare because they care.

“Over the last 19 years alone, we’ve donated $1.4 million,” said Aaron Smith, Marketing Director of Niles Scream Park.

Every security member, ticket taker, skeleton and ghost at the haunted house works to raise money for their favorite charity.

For longtime volunteer Karen Wright, it’s about raising money for a local dance troupe.

“I really enjoy the fact that we give so much back to our local community. Last year we were able to donate approximately $100,000 to roughly 65 charities,” said Wright.

That includes over $12,000 to the Boy Scouts and over $4,000 to the American Cancer Society.

“It’s all about giving back to the community. Doing something that friends, family, everyone can enjoy,” said Smith.

“It is very much a win-win. We do a lot of good for our community but we also offer a lot of entertainment for Southwest Michigan and beyond,” said Wright.

While the frights keep patrons coming back each Halloween season, it’s the spirit of giving that brings the volunteers back.

“From the first year that they work they just fall in love with the spirit of seeing what the project can do and its potential in the community,” said Smith.

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