NIPSCO warns Michiana customers of scam

NOW: NIPSCO warns Michiana customers of scam

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. -- In these brutal temperatures we all rely on power and heat.

So, imagine receiving a call that your power could be shut off in minutes in the middle of this deep freeze if you don’t pay up.

That’s the scam that many in Michiana have faced.

ABC 57 received a tip that scammers have been calling NIPSCO customers in Elkhart, Goshen, and South Bend falsley demanding payment on late bills within 45 minutes, or their services would be shut off.

Some people even received texts in Spanish demanding payment.

NIPSCO released this statement on Wednesday confirming several customers called to say they’ve received those calls:

“Unfortunately, these types of scams have been happening for some time with utility companies around the U.S.

Wednesday, we've received several calls from customers stating that they've received calls from people claiming to be NIPSCO employees demanding payment or they would shut them off.

We want customers to know that we NEVER call and demand payment from our customers - especially through a prepaid card.

If someone does receive a suspicious call like this we ask that they hang up and contact us immediately to check on the status of their account.

Our customer service number is 1-800-464-7726. We also want customers to know that they should NOT call any number they are given.

More info on authorized payment locations and scams can be found at our website at” 

Denise Rodriguez: External Communications Specialist, NIPSCO Communications & Public Affairs

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