No medical update on Corwin Brown

South Bend, IN - A medical update on former Notre Dame Defensive Coach Corwin Brown was not available Saturday afternoon.

ABC 57 News contacted Memorial Hospital and spoke with Nancy the nursing supervisor just before 3 p.m. "We don't have a patient by that name," Nancy said.

It is common for hospital personnel to say that they do not have a patient when they are not able to release information due to privacy concerns.

Nancy went on to say that those involved in a crime are typically always considered a private patient and therefore their conditions status information is not released.

Brown was last known to be in stable condition upon arriving at the hospital Friday.

Here is the original story:

ABC 57 has an update on the standoff at the Granger home of  former Notre Dame Defensive Coach Corwin Brown. Police say the standoff has come to an end.  ABC 57's Jaclyn Kelley was camped out at the scene, ready to bring you updates from this intense situation.

Brown was taken away from the home in an ambulance.The ambulance stopped to pick up trauma doctor after only traveling a short way. Brown suffered injuries from what police say to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the side.

St. Joseph County Police were involved in the standoff at the 10,000 Block of Glynwater Court. 

That is located in the Northbrook Shores subdivision in Granger.

It all started around noon when police got reports of shots fired inside a home at 10135 Glynwater Court.

Shortly after they arrived on the scene, more shots were fired inside the house.

They believe it may have been a domestic dispute.  Brown was threatening to hurt himself.  His wife and children got out of the home and are okay.

ABC 57's Tony Spehar was on the scene earlier on Friday afternoon.  He was asked to stay behind the houses in case of more gunfire.  He said he could hear police talking on a bullhorn. 

At one point, Brown came out of the home, but headed back inside.  Indiana-Michigan Power was on the scene to cut power from the home.  Police negotiators were going to try to send someone inside the home who knows Brown to try to talk him down, but the standoff is now over.

Nearby neighbors were evacuated from their homes.  Others who live in the subdivision were told to go to their basements for safety.

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