Non-profit Michigan Blood in serious need of donors

NOW: Non-profit Michigan Blood in serious need of donors

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. -- The unending winter weather is causing a major shortage of blood donations for the non-profit Michigan Blood.

“It’s pretty bad, especially because we normally take dips in donations during the holidays anyway,” said Mariya Mohrbach, with Michigan Blood. “So, especially the weather’s really been impacting the donations a lot.”

The Michigan Blood building in St. Joseph is only open for donors on Wednesdays, but the parking lot has been emptier than usual recently.

The never-ending winter weather has prompted some people to pull up a chair at home, rather than in a donor room.

“We are trying to recruit some employees, as well as we’re encouraging our friends to come and donate,” Mohrbach said. “And we always do acts of random things, so we’ll be doing that too; which are gift cards that we randomly give out to donors, maybe if it’s your first time. Or we’ll give you one for coming out in the tough weather.”

Mohrbach said there’s an urgent need for all blood types, but an even greater need for O-Negative Blood – the universal type.

She said their supply of it is currently at ‘dangerously low levels.’

Mohrbach said swinging by a Michigan blood building or blood drive just once could help save three lives.

But there’s a constant need for more blood, because it’s delivered to hospitals for more than just accidents.

“The other thing that people don’t realize is we help premature babies, cancer patients, and when people have surgeries they also need blood transfusions. So it’s not just accidents,” Mohrbach said.

Michigan Blood said the bad weather is also cancelling scheduled blood drives across the state.

If you’re comfortable driving in the elements, all you need is a photo ID to donate.

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