Nonprofit hosts CrossFit session for Veterans Day

NOW: Nonprofit hosts CrossFit session for Veterans Day


It was a way to honor veterans and get blood pumping at the same time.

The South Bend Chapter of Team Red, White and Blue, a non-profit veteran-centric organization specializing in enriching the lives of America's veterans, hosted its annual Workout-of-the-Day (WOD) for Warriors at CrossFit RAZE in Elkhart.

The event was planned in an effort to get veteran members and supporters out of the house with other members to participate in physical activity. WOD for Warriors is a workout held on Veterans Day at gyms across the country. 

“Our mission is connecting veterans back to the community through physical and social activity,” said Christina Monroe, South Bend Team RWB Chapter Captain. “So here we are at CrossFit RAZE this morning to get our sweat on and raise the endorphins. That’s the best way to get your heart pumping and battle depression or PTSD, so many of the problems that a lot of our veterans are facing.”

The free event brought together veterans and supporters of all ages and skill levels. Army veteran Kent Laudeman says physical activity was a core value he established during his time in the service.

“Somehow it just becomes a habit. It gets ingrained in you, and I think that’s what keeps you going,” he said. “Whether it’s swimming, whether it’s CrossFit, whether it’s running, I don’t care what it is. That core value I think we’ve lost, and we’ve got to get it back as an individual.”

WOD for Warriors happens annually, but this year was the first time it was held at CrossFit RAZE in Elkhart. Owner Bobbie Sage said it was an event she was excited to be a part of.

“We do this to support our veterans today in connection with RWB,” she said. “It’s a great time to come learn about CrossFit, learn about our gym here at CrossFit RAZE, learn about the RWB chapter in this area and to get a good workout.”

After the event, veterans were served a free breakfast. All proceeds from WOD for Warriors went directly to supporting Team RWB.  

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