Northern Indiana Hispanic Health Coalition receives grant to fight infant mortality

ELKHART, Ind. -- The Northern Indiana Hispanic Health Coalition (NIHHC) was recently awarded a $250,000 grant from the Indiana Department of Health's Maternal Child Health Division.

Elkhart County is currently among the top ten for infant mortality in Indiana and is number one for Hispanic and Black Americans, according to state data.

“We know the rates are high here, and state health leaders were particularly alarmed by the increased rate among Hispanics in our county,” said NIHHC Executive Director, Liliana Quintero.

“With this support, we have the opportunity to really try to address the root causes and understand the issues contributing to infant mortality in our community, so that we can make informed decisions about the services and education needed.”

The NIHHC will use the grant to enact a two-phase and two-year program to better understand the cause of poor birth outcomes among Hispanic Americans.

The grant will be used to launch a campaign to provide information and education so people will know the causes and take preventative measures.

According to Quintero, Hispanic Americans in Elkhart County are under-resourced and underinsured, facing many barriers to healthcare.

“We know there is a lack of programming regarding infant mortality that specifically speaks to the Hispanic population and their experiences,” Quintero remarked. “If we can more clearly identify their unique needs, we can better determine effective interventions.”

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