Notre Dame alum in Navy, speaks to students about career choice

Before the Fighting Irish take on Navy this weekend, a Notre Dame alumnus who is now in the Navy came back to South Bend to speak with students and community members. 

“I thought it was an amazing opportunity that they came here and they were able to talk to all of the students,” Career Academy senior Molly Alwine said. 

The auditorium at Career Academy in South Bend filled up Thursday afternoon as three Navy men who work on nuclear submarines came to speak with students. 

“I think that actually opened up another door for a lot of the students,” Alwine said. 

Topics ranged from life on a submarine to how long the men typically stay underwater. Dozens of students asked questions. 

“It actually makes me want to learn more about the Navy,” Alwine said. 

Lieutenant Junior Grade Patrick Kelly, a Notre Dame graduate, was one of the speakers. 

“I felt like it was a great opportunity for them as well as for me to really explain to them what I do and how much Notre Dame really prepared me for a life in the Navy,” Kelly said.

The assembly proved to be more than a regular school gathering for some students – it was an inspiration for what could be their career.

“I would actually go to a recruiter’s officer and learn more about it,” Alwine said. 

And for Kelly, that made it all worth it. 

“I think it’s important,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity.”

Kelly and his colleagues are also in town to meet with the Notre Dame and Purdue ROTC programs. They’ll be attending Saturday’s football game and Kelly said, despite being in the Navy, he’s rooting for the Fighting Irish. 

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