Notre Dame fans attend pep rally for Clemson game


Notre Dame fans are hoping the luck of the Irish followed them to South Carolina, with Hurricane Joaquin lurking on the east coast. The fans attended a pep rally for the Fighting Irish in Greenville.

Irish fans say no amount of rain will hold them back from seeing Notre Dame and Clemson Saturday night.

"I mean I get an opportunity to go to the game on the south? I'm going and that's it," said Derrick Mangus of Jacksonville, North Carolina.

"This is a once in a I don't know how many years opportunity. I don't think Notre Dame is going to play Clemson for another 8 years," said Don Roembke of the Notre Dame Carolina club.

Notre Dame officials are confident the game will go on.

"There not a person that has said they would even think about not going no matter how far it rains," said Dolly Duffy, the executive director of the Notre Dame Alumni Association.

Fans are getting their gear ready.

"I have a yellow raincoat from my Michelin days," said Roembke.

"Shorts and my ponchos. And ready to cheer on my team to win," said Don Mangus of northeast Ohio.

They won't miss showing their Fighting Irish pride.

"I don't care about rain. Rain is nothing for me," said Derrick Mangus.

"The rain isn't going to dampen anything, other than maybe a few seats," said Duffy.

Alumni will be tailgating before the game, despite the rain.

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