Notre Dame fans brave wacky weather

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – While the Notre Dame Team was getting ready to face off against Navy, their fans were bracing some nasty weather. Saturday afternoon a thunder storm with hail blew through campus.

“It was supposed to be nice here, but I don’t know what happened,” said James Savage.

Fans said the hail came out of nowhere along with rain, thunder, and lightening.
Notre Dame Fans said a little wacky weather wasn’t going to keep them from taking part in the game day traditions.
“He was like, 'Want to go in the building?' I was like 'No I don’t want to miss the players walk',” said Kayla Roberts.
There was still hail on parts of the field when the teams entered the stadium, but fans said no weather could keep them from the game.
“The first game I ever came to it was storming and snowing so no nothing would ever prevent me from missing a game,” said Roberts.
Just like the hail the fans said they were sticking it out until the end.

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