Notre Dame Football hires new defensive coordinator.

NOW: Notre Dame Football hires new defensive coordinator.

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- One of Notre Dame football’s biggest moves this offseason was the hiring of defensive coordinator Marcus Freeman, one of the most sought nation’s most sought-after assistants after the 2020 season.

Freeman however looks to keep the defensive line a huge part of their program.

Freeman said “we’ve always been and will always be a defensive line driven program, and so that means as our defensive line goes our defense will go”.

Notre Dame Defensive players have said they enjoy playing under Freeman because they can play looser and with more aggression.

Freeman also praised defensive lineman Isaiah Foskey “he’s the potential first round pick of the future, and he’s done a great job, he’s working at it, you know foskey hasn’t played a whole bunch of football,”.

Freeman also see’s players like Foskey as the Key to a successful program.

Freeaman said “for us to continue to elevate, and continue to try and be national champions and be able to close that gap between right now alabama, we got to continue to acquire some of the best football players in the country,”.

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