Notre Dame launches campaign to improve safety of aerial lifts

On Friday, the University of Notre Dame launched a new campaign to help improve the safety of aerial lifts.

Declan Sullivan died last fall when the lift he was on toppled over in strong winds!  He was filming football practice at the time.

The Upright Campaign is a new website developed in collaboration with the Indiana Department of Labor. It includes informational videos, wind gauges, and a link to the Declan Sullivan Memorial Fund.

On Friday morning, Notre Dame President John Jenkins released this statement:

"While we cannot bring Declan back, we are committed to working with the Sullivan Family and IOSHA to share the lessons we have learned to help reduce the possibility of an accident like this ever happening again. The materials and information provided on the website are a part of our effort."

Sullivan's parents are supportive of the campaign.

His dad, Barry said, "We believe this is a positive step in preventing aerial lift accidents in the future. Our hope is that schools that use these lifts will pay attention to the information presented on the website, and make sure to institute a robust lift safety program."

If you'd like to check out the new Upright! website, click here.

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