Notre Dame men's basketball preview upcoming matchup against University of Miami

SOUTH BEND, Ind -- The Fighting Irish are back in action after eight days off.

Notre Dame hasn’t had a scheduled game since the 63-59 loss to Boston College on January 15.

The last home game was a 67-58 loss to Florida State on January 13.

Wednesday’s upcoming matchup against the Hurricanes will be the second matchup between the two.

“I thought we did good things against them in the first game, but we didn't make shots. From three, we're like six for 32 from three, and then we score the ball at the rim. And we got to the rim a lot too, and we didn't score it there." Said head coach Micah Shrewsberry.

The Irish lost the battle on the road 62-49.

"That's where it's really got to improve for us, right? Like we've gotten better at getting to the rim, but we've gotten to the free throw line a lot more, we would get to the rim a lot and then shoot very many free throws the first time against them. That's something where we've, we've learned from we've gotten better now we got to capitalize," Shrewsberry added.

“They're a team that's, that's desperate for a win, right? Since same as we are like, we're both desperate for a win. You know, the one thing is having our group and having our home crowd behind us, you know, got some students back for the first time in a long time. And like, I don't remember the last time we played with students here at home, right. So, you know, that little extra boost, hopefully is what we need to really push this over the top,” Shrewsberry said.

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