Notre Dame reaches vaccine booster goal, possibility of lifting some Covid restrictions

NOW: Notre Dame reaches vaccine booster goal, possibility of lifting some Covid restrictions

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Notre Dame students may see mask mandates being lifted in classrooms and other indoor facilities starting this Friday, February 4th. The University sent out a statement on the 21st of January with the encouraging news, saying that they reached their goal of over 90% compliance with the Covid-19 vaccine booster. With this goal being reached, they hope to begin lifting certain Covid restrictions and soon return to normal campus life.

The restrictions being potentially lifted include indoor mask requirements and some limits on University-sponsored travel and gatherings.

Students are excited and hopeful for the potential of seeing less Covid restrictions on their campus, and they’re looking forward to returning to normal campus life and more face-to-face interactions.

“To be like leadership at Notre Dame and trying to plan events, I think it’s very encouraging to know that we could do that in a better and different capacity,” says Notre Dame student Megan Brinkman.

“The opportunity to be able to have more in-person events and meet more of our peers is really nice,” Notre Dame law student Elizabeth Forzley says.

While it’s not official that mandates will be lifted, the University added in the statement that they will continue to monitor case rates closely and will take the appropriate actions if cases rise again.

“I think it’s nice that they’re taking more of a reactive approach, versus saying that regardless we’re going to lift the masks,” Elizabeth Forzley adds. “I know that this was our goal, but I’m comfortable with the University proceeding however they think is best.”

While restrictions are likely to be lifted in the near future, students also want to make sure that Notre Dame is still providing the appropriate aid to students that may still catch the virus.

“I think Notre Dame’s Covid response should still be very comprehensive, very holistic,” Megan Brinkman says. “So like, continue to report numbers as often as possible, continue to provide emotional and mental support to those in isolation in quarantine.”

After three years of navigating college in the pandemic, most students just hope to have a somewhat normal end to their year. For some, they hope to have a normal end to their college careers.

“I’m excited for the possibility of like a ‘kind of normal’, and we’re both seniors, so an end to our college careers,” says Notre Dame senior Clare Wieland about her and her friend.

The University has not come out with an update since the last statement, and it is not clear when they will.

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