Notre Dame receives grant to support S.T.E.M. opportunities for high school students

A grant from the Indiana Commission for Higher Education has extended the state's support for Notre Dame's development of high school teachers in "STEM" disciplines.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math.

Notre Dame was given a $370,000 grant that will go towards an ultimate goal of getting high school students to pursue college-level studies in these areas.

“So we work with new teachers.  We work with teachers who work for 30 years.  We work with mid-career people.  But this program is just designed to help teachers again teach AP Math, Science, English courses well,” said AP Tip-In Program Director Karen Morris.

The new grant is among 13 grants totaling more than $9,000,000 announced by The Indiana Commission for Higher Education to support stem-related educators.

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