Notre Dame reports an additional 75 cases of COVID-19

NOTRE DAME, Ind.—The University of Notre Dame reported Thursday that an additional 75 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed.

The university has a total of 304 cases since August 3.

Since August 3, the university has administered 1,780 COVID-19 tests.

The university on Tuesday moved all undergraduate classes online until at least September 2.

The university’s vice president of public affairs and communications, Paul J. Browne, shared the following comments on Thursday.

"As you know, Notre Dame has been experiencing increasing percentages of students testing positive since they returned August 10 to in-person classes.

The last 48 hours do not a trend make. However, we're guardedly optimistic that positivity has declined over the last few days from a peak of 22.2% on Tuesday to 15.2% today.

We are also seeing today a tapering off of symptomatic students. We will continue symptomatic testing, and renew surveillance testing tomorrow.

Here are the numbers:

Tuesday: 82 positive, 420 tested, 22.2% positive

Wednesday: 73 positive of 355 tested, 20.6% positive

Today: 75 of 493 or 15.2% positive"

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