Notre Dame student named suspect in father's disappearance

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. -- Wednesday Patrick Mikes, Jr., appeared in a Rochester Hills, Mich., court on separate fraud charges, but in that hearing police named him a suspect in his father's disappearance.

Mikes, Jr. faces three separate charges for using his younger brothers credit card without permission and authorities say the 21-year-old pre-med and psychology double major could be a flight risk.


Mikes, Jr. was wearing an orange jumpsuit and shackles as he walking into the courtroom and during that hearing officials dropped a bombshell.



"The defendant is a suspect into the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of his father, Patrick Mikes, Sr."


Mikes, Sr., a 1979 Notre Dame alumni, was reported missing late Sunday morning by his two sons. The boys told police they had not seen their father since Friday night, when he left for a bike ride.

However, when Mikes, Jr., was questioned by police, his story was not adding up. 

Our ABC affiliate in Detroit discovered that a large amount of blood was found in basement of the Mikes' home and showed signs that a fatal injury happened there.


Yet, Mikes' attorney said there was no evidence he had anything to do with his father's disappearance.

"He has a high grade-point level. He is a premed, psychology double major. They have interviewed the brother and the brother indicated that his father was not there at the home. He did not witness or hear any kind of altercation involving my client and or his father".


Before this, Mikes, Jr., was set to return to Notre Dame's campus this Fall to complete is senior year at the university.



Neighbors that know him well said it is hard to believe he could have anything to do with his father disappearance, "I know the boy and he has always been an absolute gentleman and just the nicest boy you would ever want to meet".


Mikes' future at Notre Dame is now uncertain. The judge set Mikes' bond at $50,000. He has also been ordered to stay in town and away from his father's home while the investigation continues.

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