Notre Dame students create app that could help you save money

NOW: Notre Dame students create app that could help you save money

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- 

Two sophomore students at Notre Dame are almost ready to launch their new app called GiveBee. They hope this app will not only provide businesses with a new and easier way to get their name out, but also hope it will integrate Notre Dame students into the city of South Bend. 

It started as a website, but the developers say it should be ready to launch this summer. 

"It's kind of an everyone wins situation, where the influencers get whatever free thing and it makes them happy, and the businesses get to make sure this kind of marketing happens," said Same Macginty, one of the two students and business developer of GiveBee. "We know it's effective, they know its effective, so everyone's winning which I really like."

The app connects to users instagram profiles. Users connect with businesses on the app and accept offers from those businesses in return for posting on social media. This could lead to coupons or free items just for posting to Instagram and tagging the business location. 

The student developers hope it will have a positive impact on the South Bend community. 

"We want to connect more between the two communities of South Bend and Notre Dame," said developer Horacio Lopez. "Hopefully just having this tool potentially next year would be an option for local businesses to really invite students out and their their brand name out there for other students to see these places and explore the city a little bit more."

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