Notre Dame students question school's COVID-19 response

NOW: Notre Dame students question school’s COVID-19 response

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Some Notre Dame students are questioning the school's response to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The school has reported more than 400 positive cases since August 3rd. 

One phd student, who wished to remain anonymous, said the testing process was confusing.

"They gave me water as I waited though, which was nice, however they couldn't find my paperwork when I walked up," said the student. "I had to wait about 30 or so minutes and tell them my name a few times while they figured things out."

The student eventually tested negative but tells me the university's response to the pandemic has been poor. 

"There is no clear direction on what to do if you travel," said the student. "Some workers live out of state so they can't say 'If you travel out of state you must get tested.'"

The student also said the morale on campus at the school's biology department has been low as a result of the administrators' decision. 

"Phd students in the biology department are absolutely disgusted because we know exactly how this will play out and we have to watch as our school ignores us and lets people get sick and potentially die," said the student.

The student hopes the school begins to more earnestly listen to it's science and medical departments to before making decisions concerning the virus.

"I still love Notre Dame and I always will, but I will not be working here after obtaining my phd," said the student "I feel like the voices of my colleagues are silenced in the name of money." 

ABC57 has reached out to Notre Dame officials for comment but they have not responded. 

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