Notre Dame takes on Iowa State in NCAA mens basketball

DAYTON, Ohio -- The Notre Dame men are just hours from their 4th straight appearance in the NCAA men’s basketball championship. Notre Dame is taking on the Iowa State Cyclones.
It's going to be a different from anything we've seen so far this season. Notre Dame is used to the big, physical teams of the Big East and that's not Iowa State's style.
The Cyclones lead the nation in three pointers and like to spread out their offense.
Irish success depends on how well they can adjust to Iowa State's range and control the tempo of the game.
"We played some similar teams in our league, but not anything like this,” said Notre Dame Head Coach Mike Brey.
With 325 three pointers so far this season and a top four shooting percentage of 79.6, the Cyclones know how to make it rain.
"All five positions can shoot. They run the floor very well and they're more of a spread you out kind of team as opposed to a four-out, one-in type of team. They're just a really good offensive team and they're very efficient with the ball,” said Jack Cooley, Irish forward.
To defend Iowa State's offensive style, Coach Brey had to refocus his forwards.
"I thought as much time as we had, we needed to prepare for our big guys, not playing a whole lot of post defense, but having to rotate up and maybe switch out on a shooter,” said Brey.
But the big guys are going to be one of Notre Dame's best advantages over the Cyclones.
With an extra three inches of height under the basket, the Irish should be able to dominate the rim-- a fact the Cyclones are definitely aware of.
"The thing that we have to do more than anything this year is compete on the glass. If we give up second-chance opportunities, it's going to be tough for us to win this one,” said Fred Hoiberg, Iowa State Head Coach.
Tip off is at 9:45 p.m. Just 30 minutes after the conclusion of the Ohio State-Iona game.


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