Notre Dame vs. Miami: Brian Kelly radio show

NOW: Notre Dame vs. Miami: Brian Kelly radio show

This week, the Brian Kelly Radio Show focused on the defense. He was joined by defensive backs Coach Todd Lyght and defensive backs Nick Watkins, Nick Coleman and Julian Love.

Lyght discussed why he wanted to be a coach.

"For me, just being around our guys and have the opportunity to teach them, help mentor them and develop them to become the best possible version of themselves. That's really why I'm into it. We've got a great group of young men here at the University of Notre Dame and it's truly an honor to be back and working with these young guys," Lyght said.

Coach Kelly said Lyght's ability to build relationships and trust with the players has paid off.

"Todd's relationship that's he's built with these guys over the last couple of years. That's what you're beginning to see now pay off. There were some rough spots, but they were inexperienced players. Now. they have more experience. Now, they have more time. Now, they're starting to do the little things that make them championship-caliber players," Coach Kelly said.

"Trust is a really big thing in coaching. The kids got to know that you love him, really care about them, want them to be successful both on and off the field," Lyght said.

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