Notre Dame Women’s Basketball steamrolls Wake Forest 86-47

NOW: Notre Dame Women’s Basketball steamrolls Wake Forest 86-47

SOUTH BEND, Ind – The Irish take care of Wake Forest in a bounce back win.

After the loss to North Carolina over the weekend, the Irish responded by taking it out their frustration on Wake Forest, beating them by nearly 40 points and leading in every statistical category.

“Really proud of us having a complete game today for 40 minutes. It started with liv. And it started with Maddy,” said Head Coach Niele Ivey.

Maddy Westbeld finished with 25 points, followed by Olivia Miles with 13 points, leading the way on both offense and defense.

“I think we had to set the tone on both ends of the floor after what happened on Sunday. So that's what I was just trying to do be aggressive for my team,” Westbeld said.

“Sunday taught us a lot, you know, and losses always teach a lot. And we took a lot from that, and we got to work, and then we came back better than ever. So, we just need to carry over keep, you know, stacking games one by one, 1% every day,” Miles added.

A win over the Demon Deacons, not so surprising.

Dating back to the previous season the Irish have 11 total losses but have never loss back-to-back games.

“When you lose, it gives you an opportunity to figure out what you need to do better. And so, I feel like this group, we do a great job of just kind of like reconnecting and figuring out, how can we be better, they do a great job of responding, especially when we're at home. So that's a good stat to have,” Ivey mentioned.

With a tough loss in the middle of the season to UNC, the ladies are now preparing to learn from that and get back on the win streak heading into Syracuse this Sunday.

“I mean, all these experiences are going to help us for the rest of the acc a conference play, you know, being a hostile environment of Virginia Tech and UNC, is going to help us at Syracuse at Clemson. But like

Liv said, you have to learn from your losses,” Ivey added.

Next up, the Irish will take on Syracuse on the road Sunday.

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