NWS says funnel cloud formed in St. Joseph County Tuesday evening

Well, Mother Nature was at it again Tuesday evening. Unlike the June 23rd "freak" tornadoes, there was actually a decent chance of severe weather. So the severe thunderstorms didn't necessarily catch anyone off guard.

There was even a very low (2%) chance of tornadoes for areas north of U.S. 30 according to the Storm Prediction Center. 

Supercell thunderstorm that had a tornado warning briefly Tuesday evening.
Still, it was a bit eerie to once again see a tornado warning issued for St. Joseph County. The tornado sirens were set off across the county in response to the warning.

Velocity product shows a rotation couplet along the La Porte-St. Joseph County line (red vs. green).
The supercell thunderstorm that prompted the tornado warning developed pretty healthy and strong rotation as it moved across the La Porte-St. Joseph County line between New Carlisle and North Liberty.

Possible wall cloud and funnel cloud seen looking north from North Liberty at 8 p.m. Tuesday evening.
That's when the photo you see above was taken by an ABC 57 viewer. The photo shows what the National Weather Service says is a healthy wall cloud and associated funnel cloud. 

While there are no reports of tornadoes, this funnel cloud and tornado warned-supercell continued a busy severe weather year for Michiana. If you have any photos or videos, send them on in to us! 

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