Officials urging caution amid drifting snow, slick roads

NOW: Officials urging caution amid drifting snow, slick roads

WARSAW, IND. --- Things have calmed down in Kosciusko County as far as snow fall now the concern through Friday is drifting snow and slick roads that may make things even harder for drivers out there.

The snow storm of the season brought nasty conditions especially on the roadways.

On Wednesday Michiana counties like Kosciusko saw continued snowfall for most of the day that coated the roads but through the rest of the week the colder conditions and drifting snow is causing concerns for drivers trying to weather the storm.

“They’re not friendly, 15 when I came in on 15 was all snow covered you could see the ice under it and you can’t see which lane you’re in but as long as you’re driving slow and being sensible about it,” said Kosciusko County driver Zona Blackburn.

Officials echoed similar sentiments as with road crews working around the clock to keep things clean for travelers those, drivers.

“When we’re dealing with some drifting like we saw more so this morning the roads may be down to a lane and half compared to two lanes we don’t necessarily have a lot of room to navigate to begin with, said Sergeant Christopher Francis the Public Information Officer. “So, make sure that you give us time, being patient and we want to get out of there just as quick as you want to get Safety is our number one concern not only for ourselves but for everybody else.” 

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