Ohio University students protest president's house

(CNN) - Unwelcome house guests at the home of the president of Ohio University is forcing the family into a costly move. 

Bats have taken up residence inside the the home.

Recently, the president's wife fell and broke her foot while trying to get away from a bat in the home.

So, the university leased a new home for the president and his family at a cost of just over a million dollars.

The move is upsetting students about the money being spent.

"I just think this should have never happened in the first place. I think it's a very irresponsible to use resources whether it's a lease to buy or whether they bought it outright, I don't think it really matter," said sophomore Grant Stover.

Ohio University says the president's house also serves as a place to host events for alumni and donors.

Many students think the money should go towards students and fixing up the old house.

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