Oklahoma resident with Michiana ties Skypes from Moore

Neil Pierce, 23, lives close to Moore, Oklahoma, where the tornado hit Monday afternoon. His home was not damaged, but he and his coworkers pitched in to help those who were not so fortunate.

"It missed us by half a mile or so,” said Pierce.

Pierce lives about a half mile from Moore where the deadly tornado caused mass devastation Monday afternoon.

"I saw it going right by my house in my neighborhood. As soon as it was past I-35 we went to check and make sure our house was still there,” said Pierce.

It was, but he has no power and the area is scattered with debris. He has to stay elsewhere.

"They've got basically everything from my neighborhood south blocked off,” said Pierce.

At work his employer, M&M Supply Company, focused their efforts on pitching in to help with relief efforts.

"They volunteered some of our vehicles and guys and stuff and said to go buy whatever we wanted,” said Pierce.

Pierce took ABC57 along on his trip to the devastated area via Skype.

"Traffic going into Moore is basically stopped about 5 miles north of Moore and they are letting them through slowly. There are hundreds of people lined up to give donations and to volunteer,” said Pierce. “Basically we are just kind of waiting because it's raining here now so there is not a whole lot they can do. They still have the search and rescue teams out."

Within the next few days he and his colleagues will be making this journey many more times to pitch in as much as they can.

"We've got vendors and customers and they are all gathering stuff and we volunteered to take a truck and a trailer to all of their locations and pick it up and drop it off at the site," said Pierce. "Within the next few days will be going into help more."

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