Ontwa Township board reacts to stopping waste plant construction

 It's been three months since Ontwa Township held a recall election, where four of their seven board members were all replaced.  Around the same time, they also voted to take a proposed waste water treatment plant off their agenda.  

Randy Kaden and Nick Donis co-founded SORE, or Save Our Resources and Environment, a grassroots movement to stop the waste water treatment plant from being built in Ontwa Township.  And their movement was successful in replacing a few board members to see their vision come together. 

"That was the only way we could stand in the way of this, by replacing those township officials who were voting in favor of this," says Kaden.  

With new people in place, they decided to stop construction on the plant, and keep their agreement with Elkhart.  So when you flush in Ontwa, your waste travels across the state line.  

The township's next order of business is to meet discharge requirements for Elkhart by the end of February.  

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