Opening statements heard in trial of Antwan Mims

NOW: Opening statements heard in trial of Antwan Mims

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich.--- Opening statements were given and the first witnesses were called in the trial of Antwan Mims. Mims is accused of killing two men, Cortez Miller and Michael Johnson, at a party in Benton Harbor in March of 2018.

Prosecutors argue that Mims came behind the two victims and shot them. Prosecutors pointed to Miller and Jackson's autopsies to back up their claim.

According to the autopsies, both men had gunshot wounds that started from the back of their bodies. Prosecutors allege that Mims then stood over the victims and shot them again.

Prosecutors called three officers who responded to the scene to the witness stand, in addition to Michael Johnson's mother.

Mims's attorney is arguing that Mims acted in self defense. The defense argues that Johnson allegedly robbed Mims months before the shooting occurred. 

The defense claims that Johnson was aggressive toward Mims on several occasions following the alleged robbery. It was during the time period between the alleged robbery and the shooting that the defense claims that Mims met the second victim, Johnson.

The defense alleges that Miller was also aggressive toward Mims prior to the shooting. 

The defense claims that on the night of the shooting, Mims left a party after noticing that Miller and Johnson were in attendance.

Mims allegedly then went to another party where Miller and Johnson were also in attendance. The defense claims that one of the victims brandished a gun after the other bumped into Mims.

After a fight broke out between other people attending the party, Mims claims he only opened fire after seeing Miller shooting towards the house.

During their testimony, all three of the officers who were questioned claimed that there were no weapons recovered from the crime scene.

The trial is set to resume at 8:30 Wednesday morning. 

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