Organizations make plans for homeless shelter funding

 Indiana was awarded over $16 million to aid in homeless housing and service programs, and St. Joseph County will receive $1.6 million of that.  That's crucial funding to get folks back on their feet.  

The funds come from the state's Department of Housing and Urban Development.  It's something the county applies for every year, but officials say they're grateful the money has been awarded again this year.  

More than 200 people are helped by the Center for the Homeless in South Bend every night.  The center doesn't just provide them emergency shelter, they also provide job training, counseling and even education.

The $1.6 million will go to five organizations in St. Joseph County, including the Center for the Homeless. 

A portion of that money will go towards working to get individuals off the streets. The money helps families and individuals transition out of the shelter and into a new life.

The Center for the Homeless applies for funds like these every year, and they say it's great to see the funds have been awarded again this year.  

"It means we are doing effective work and providing effective services," says Lani Vivirito, the chief programming officer with the Center for the Homeless.  

The other organizations included in this funding are YWCA, Life Treatment Centers, AIDS Ministries, and Oaklawn.  

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