Osceola baby fighting for his life, Metro Homicide investigating

An Osceola baby, just 7 months old, is in Indianapolis at Riley Children’s Hospital, hanging on for his life.

Saturday Metro Homicide began investigating after 7-month-old Keegan was taken to Elkhart General Hospital with suspicious injuries.

The incident allegedly happened at a home in the 10000 block of McKinley Highway.

A close family member inside the hospital with baby Keegan says he is on a respirator, which is breathing for him completely.

Doctors say the chances of his survival are very low.

Even if he survives these brutal injuries, doctors tell his family he will never be able to walk, talk or function normally again.

A close relative tells ABC 57 News Keegan’s mother and boyfriend are banned from Riley Hospital and are being investigated by Metro Homicide.

That relative goes on to say she received a message early Friday morning that baby Keegan wasn’t waking up at the home on McKinley Highway.

He was taken to Elkhart General Hospital and later airlifted to Riley Hospital, where doctors told the family the injuries were a result of blunt force trauma.

“There’s a lot of people out there praying, basically just sit beside his bed and just talk to him that’s what’s helping us cope just sitting by him and being able to talk to him, and even if doctors say it’s like an involuntary movement he’ll twitch his eyelids and we feel like that’s him hearing us even though they say it’s just a body natural movement, but he isn’t moving on his own at all, he’s basically lifeless right now,” said a family member.

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