Osceola responds to controversy over emergency services

The Osceola Town Council President, Debra Davis, issued a press release Friday responding to the press release issued by Penn Township on Wednesday regarding emergency services being provided to Osceola.

Since January 1, the Osceola Volunteer Fire Department has not been answering any calls from St. Joseph County 911 Dispatch.

The Penn Township Fire Department has been responding to calls for emergency service in Osceola.

From Debra Davis, Town Council President

The Town was surprised with the press release issued by Penn Township. The Town Council met with the Township Trustee and Fire Chief to discuss this matter and explore the framework for a potential working relationship. After that discussion, the Town Clerk-Treasure and Penn Township Trustee exchanged information and had ongoing discussion regarding attempting to reach a mutually agreeable arrangement for emergency response services. The Town believed that the parties were negotiating in good faith and attempting to reach an agreement. Regardless, the Town Council is committed to working to make sure that emergency response services are available for the citizens of the Town of Osceola.

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