Pair accused of attacking woman, attempting to steal her purse

Two people were arrested in Walkerton for allegedly attacking a North Liberty woman and attempting to steal her purse, according to Walkerton Police.

Walkerton Police were called to the CVS Pharmacy on Liberty Street for a battery in progress Thursday afternoon.

When police arrived, they determined Tory Burgh and Gabrielle Adams attacked a woman, according to police.

Police say the victim was threatened with a loaded gun, strangled and beaten.

Burgh allegedly attempted to steal her purse.

Police say drugs and weapons were recovered from the scene.

The entire incident happened in front of the pair's 15-month old child, police said. The child was taken into custody by CPS and placed with a temporary caregiver.

The victim was taken to Memorial Hospital for her injuries.

Burgh was charged with battery causing bodily injury, intimidation with a deadly weapon, strangulation, pointing a handgun, drug possession, possession of a handgun without a license and child neglect.

Adams was charged with battery causing bodily injury, strangulation, child neglect, and drug possession.

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