Paramedic arrested for allegedly stealing drugs from SBFD

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A South Bend paramedic has been accused of stealing from his employer- the South Bend Fire Department.

Lt. Tim Greenlee was arrested after a lengthy police investigation into allegations he stole drugs used to treat patients in extreme pain.

Greenlee is currently being held in the St. Joseph County jail on a theft charge and a charge of official misconduct. He was taken into custody late Saturday evening and was shortly after booked into the jail.

The South Bend Fire Department noticed vials of fentanyl missing from their fleet of ambulances. The drug is usually stored in a locked compartment in ambulances. Fentanyl is given to patients who are in extreme pain during their transit to the hospital.

David Iler a paramedic for the past 12 years with Southwestern Michigan Community Ambulance Service (SMCAS) said the drug, "Has been stolen out of ambulances parked at emergency rooms, with it being a narcotic it is highly sought."

He has 15 years of experience in the business and he said SMCAS keeps the drug locked up behind several locked doors secured by combinations.

"Fentanyl it is a synthetic opioid that is similar to morphine and its effects we use it primarily for long bone fractures or any traumatic injury," said Iler.

After a quick search on the internet Iler found the drug on the street goes for on average $5 per microgram and each little vial contains 100-micrograms, meaning each vial could have a $500.00 street value.

The initial report at the South Bend Police Department shows the theft of the drug occured from October 1st of last year all the way up until Saturday.

Iler said, "Like nurses we are held to a higher standard."

He said a felony blemish for stealing a narcotic like this on your record for a paramedic is enough to likely be the end of the road for your career.

"Drug charges are a huge blemish in the medical profession," said Iler.

Fentanyl is a schedule II prescription drug and is also know by the street names China girl, China white, murder 8, TNT, "F" among other names.

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