Parents feel safe to bring kids back outdoors despite vaccine age restrictions

NOW: Parents feel safe to bring kids back outdoors despite vaccine age restrictions

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Many are returning to their normal lives before the pandemic began, but children under the age of 12 still aren’t qualified to get their vaccines. Despite the access to vaccines, Michiana parents say they feel its time to let kids go back to normal in person experiences.

"We’re extremely comfortable and in fact we were comfortable last summer and it was such a bummer when they were all closed last year that it felt like this new beginning when they reopened," said South Bend mom Brittney Bailey.

With parks opening back up with new enhancements like the ninja warrior experience at Hums Park in Mishawaka, many parents say they're excited to bring their kids back outdoors after a year stuck at home with virtual learning.

“I think this gives us all a sense of hope that we’re moving in a really wonderful direction for our kids to get back to a sense of communication that’s not just virtual," said Bailey.

Family nurse practitioner Amy Phillips says that while you should still practice good hygiene it’s still possible for children to participate safely in summer camps and sports programs.

“Are they taking temperature checks? Do they have hand sanitizing stations? Those are all ways we can stay healthy, but still enjoy outdoor activities this summer," said Phillips.

For step dad Kyle Lucas he says he’ll still have his kids wear masks indoors, but will let them go back to a normal childhood when playing outside.

“We’re ready for a fun summer time with grandma and grandpa and going out to the lake and that kind of stuff," said Lucas.

The Pfizer vaccine is currently undergoing trials for children under 12 years old.

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