Parents react to upped Howard Park security following a number of recent incidents

NOW: Parents react to upped Howard Park security following a number of recent incidents

SOUTH BEND, Ind.----

The South Bend Police Department says they will be upping patrols at Howard Park after several incidents in the past few weeks.

Despite the weather and recent fights and disturbances taking place at the park, many families still came out and enjoyed the state of the are playground Sunday afternoon. 

After 18 million dollars of renovations in recent years, any disturbances are not being taken lightly at the family friendly facility. 

South Bend Police chief Scott Ruszkowski speaking out earlier this week in a press conference about a spike in crime in the city, he says police responded to several fights and disturbances in the area over the last few weeks, one of those fights at the park caught on security camera.

He says no incident should be taken lightly, as they can escalate, which is why they are upping security. 

Many families in the area consider Howard Park as their favorite, and are looking forward to the increased security, after feeling unsettled after the incidents. 

Including William Roy who came out to the park today with his two boys for an intense game of tag, 

"this is an amazing park, you can come here in the winter enjoy great ice skating, you can come here almost any time. Anytime there's room for more security and just more oversite… this is one of the most popular family parks I think..Im for it. We need to be thinking what can we do to be making it safer, but we're still here," said the father.

Other parents excited to hear about the increase of safety, so that all can enjoy the historic park safely especially as summer rolls around. 

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