Pastor Frank King, killed in motorcycle crash, remembered by Guidance Ministries


Franklin King made dinner for the homeless Tuesday night at Guidance Ministries, just as he does every week.

Driving past Concord Mall on his way home, his motorcycle collided with a car turning into the parking lot. He died in the hospital shortly after.

To those at Guidance Ministries, where he is known as Pastor Frank, his unexpected death  is tragic.

Pastor Frank and his wife Lori founded the non-profit sixteen years ago to help local people in need.

Located on North 2nd Street, Guidance Ministries has food and clothes pantries. They serve dinner to 120 people on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

It’s also one of the only places in the city where the homeless can take showers and do their laundry.

Pastor Jim Mentz worked alongside Pastor Frank for eleven years at the Mountaintop Community Church.

“He had a tremendous heart to go into the darkest of places,” said Pastor Mentz.

Twenty-seven years clean, Pastor Frank had a history with drug abuse and homelessness. He credited his transformation to his belief in God.

“It transformed his life and his desire was to see was to see other lives transformed. And he and Lori really did that in a beautiful way,” said Pastor Valerie Smith.

Pastor Frank also offered counseling and addiction services.

“He had a real concern having been through so much. There are so many people in the church nowadays that are just about judging and all that, here it’s about love,” said church volunteer Garry Lund.

If you are interested in donating or volunteering at Guidance Ministries, click here.

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