Peaceful protesters in South Bend march for justice

People from all over Michiana demonstrated peacefully, wanting justice for Michael Brown, the unarmed teen shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

There were two peaceful protests on Wednesday.  One was organized by student at John Adams High School, the other was held at the corner of Colfax and Michigan Street.

“I think that people have kind of gotten this false impression that we live in a post racist society where people don't see race anymore, that we have come so far in terms of equality and I don't think that is true. It is things like this Michael Brown case. Maybe Brown was being violent with police, we don't really know.  But it's not just about this case, it is about a history and a legacy in our country of racial profiling and police brutality," said Ilan Friedland, a junior at John Adams High School.

Another student said although she wishes it were different, she was not surprised by the indictment decision, she was more taken aback by what happened after it was read.

“I wasn't surprised because it happened with Trayvon Martin and I knew it was going to happen again so I  was not shocked at the outcome. But I was shocked at how violent people acted towards Ferguson; they were ruining their own city,” said sophomore Imrie Kilberts.
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