People rush to stock up before winter storm hits

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY -- ABC57 is tracking a very serious storm moving through the area. A storm that might force residents to stay indoors for the next few days.

Stores like the Meijer were packed Saturday with customers getting ready.

“We don’t want to go out of the house tomorrow for any reason, so we’re just making sure we’re stocked up tonight,” said customer Jenifer Brock.

And from the amount of cars ABC57 saw in the Meijer parking lot in addition to the long lines, it seems like most of Michiana had the same idea.

“We’re pretty much prepared for the next three days, just in case,” Jenna Hutchenston said.

One store employee told ABC57 she saw more customers Saturday, than any other day this holiday season.

And some customers waiting in these lines even joked that it was worse than Black Friday.

But unlike Black Friday, this isn’t fun and games.

Public safety officials say with the coming weather it’s crucial for people to make sure they have emergency kits with flashlights, batteries, and blankets.

“We all have emergency packs in our cars, just in case we don’t get home in time,” said Hutchenston.

They also urge people to stock up on food.

“I shopped earlier and got frozen goods, canned goods, bread, butter,” Ed Ward said.

The Winter Storm Warning is in effect through 1 a.m. Monday morning.

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