Pete Buttigieg wraps up his final town hall Sunday in New Hampshire

NOW: Pete Buttigieg wraps up his final town hall Sunday in New Hampshire

LONDONDERRY, N.H. – Hundreds of supporters gathered at Londonderry Middle School to hear the former South Bend Mayor give his final town hall of the night.

Buttigieg is slowly gaining ground in New Hampshire ahead of the first in the Nation primary on Tuesday,

Buttigieg had a day packed with campaign events, making his way across the Granite State as he made his final appeal to voters on Sunday.

“Remember that while the senate was the jury last week, we’re the jury now and the final verdict is up to us. That’s what it means to be a voter in 2020 and it starts in New Hampshire,” Buttigieg said.

Buttigieg’s supporters traveled from both up the road and across state lines to hear him speak at the final town hall of the day.

“We really want to see the values that we hold dear come back into the United States, to the White House. So we think Mayor Pete has got what it takes,” said Londonderry voter Natasha Bolton.

“My partner and I actually drove here from Philadelphia last Wednesday so we can be a part of the New Hampshire primary. We are here for Pete, 100 percent,” said Philadelphia voter Tim Matheney.

“I’m traveling with a group of friends from Indianapolis because we are big supporters of Pete,” said Indiana voter Benny Bizzoco. “The word is getting out about Pete and I think he’s going a long way.”

The former Mayor made an impressive run in Iowa, with new results Sunday placing him at the lead with the most delegates.

Buttigieg hopes that can continue into New Hampshire.

“We have got to get this right, this is our shot, our one shot,” Buttigieg said.

On Monday, Buttigieg will continue his tour of the state, making a stop at Plymouth State University, Milford and Exeter.

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