Petermann announces run for 2nd congressional district

Jeff Petermann has announced he plans to challenge Congresswoman Jackie Walorski for the Republican nomination for Indiana's 2nd congressional district, according to a press release from Petermann.

Petermann says he credits Michigan Congressman Justin Amash and the House Freedom Caucus for restoring his faith in the Republican party.

“I have never been much about the letter after a person's name, but more about their commitment to the Constitution and their personal integrity. Do they mean what they say? Many politicians on both sides of the aisle say one thing and then do another. When you look at someone like Congressman Amash, you can see principle and consistent conservatism in action. When you look at Congresswoman Walorski’s voting record, you can see someone who said one thing to get elected and then voted very differently after she gained the people's trust,” said Petermann in the press release.

Petermann resides in Bristol, Ind.

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