Pink out at Plymouth High School for Marquee Matchup

PLYMOUTH, Ind.-- Friday night's Marquee Matchup was Concord at Plymouth High School.

At the Rockie's homecoming pep rally the seniors came out in pink camouflage jerseys.

The Plymouth players wore wearing pink jerseys to raise awareness about breast cancer.

The Ounce of Prevention Breast Cancer Fund is a local organization founded by Oliver Ford.

The Rockies are 4 - 2 this season while the Concord minutemen are coming off their first loss to Jimtown last week.

We caught up with Plymouth’s head coach and a senior before the game who told ABC57 it’s not typical for both Plymouth and Concord to be coming off a loss.

Senior Michael Garrity said, “Last year's game ended with a defensive stand and we stopped them on a field goal attempt, so tonight we’re looking to have the same type of motivation and energy.”

Head Coach John Barron said in the past eight years either Plymouth or Concord have won the NLC so it's always an intense game.

Barron said, “Their kids can play and they have a dynamic quarterback we have to be aware of. It’s not typical that both Plymouth and Concord are coming off losses but that’s the way it is tonight so we’ll have to be ready to go.”

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